At Kelly Coaching our mission is to inspire and build a community of people over age 55, to live purposely, live sustainably, while giving back. Through our coaching programs we guide our clients toward understanding the importance of creating the abundant life they desire by fulfilling a life dream, rekindling passions, building lasting relationships, finding inner strength, helping others, while demonstrating leadership.

As Baby Boomers we now find ourselves in transition asking how can I make a meaningful impact during the second half of my life, and leave a valuable legacy for generations to come. We do this by looking at the issues surrounding our self, our health and our wealth, and we are asking; Am I prepared for the second half of life? Am I ready for the next phase of challenges as I age? Am I living to the best of my abilities?

At Kelly Coaching we guide you toward reaching your fullest potential. Remember, we are the generation with unique personalities that changed America in dramatic ways. We grew up in a time of great flux, a shift in attitudes, beliefs and freedoms. We were visionaries, living from a place of optimism, rebellion, personal development, prosperity and opportunities. We grew up with extreme self-confidence, an “I can do it attitude”.

Because of the enormous numbers of people within our age bracket, we need to reshape how we will live as we age. Our needs will change. Over the next 30 – 40 years the economy will change as goods and services struggle to keep up with the demands of 76,000 million baby boomers. At Kelly Coaching it is our goal to address those needs by facilitating a program that supports the desire to reinvent ourselves.

”My personal goal is to inspire 1000 people to reach their goals.” Read about how you can participate on the Our Mission page.