Welcome to the new home of Mystique Racing, manufacturers of Formula First race cars. Mystique racing has purchased the design and tooling from Kurt Lemay at Mysterian Race cars and will be producing the M5 Formula First race car.

November 4th 2007
Mystique Race Cars offers M5 FST constructor kits for sale. Mystique race cars has announced the release of the M5 formula first constructor kits. more...

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We believe that the Formula First class will offer the consumer the best value in racing. No other class will offer a direct operating cost of less than $200.00 per race weekend combined with a rules package that will make every car capable of running in the front. The formula first class will be the perfect entry level formula car class.

Most people familiar with the name Mysterian know that over the years Kurt's designs have won many championships including the SCCA national runoffs. The M5 is the latest in a very successful series of race car designs that feature beautiful, elegant body lines, simplistic construction, and superior craftsmanship.

Currently Mystique Racing will only be offering the M5 in a kit configuration. See the price page for more details.

Features of the M5:

  • The M5 will accommodate drivers up to 6'-4” and 250 lbs
  • Even a 250 lb driver should be near the formula first minimum weight of 1125 lbs
  • Precise rack and pinion steering
  • 4 wheel disc brakes
  • Beautiful 6” x 13”cast aluminum wheels
  • Ultra smooth shift linkage with aircraft quality universal joints
  • Double adjustable rear shock
  • Excellent access to the engine for maintenance or quick removal of the engine
  • Proven zero roll rear suspension with leading arms.

Features of the Formula First class.

  • 1125 minimum weight allows even large drivers to still be competitive
  • 4 wheel disc brakes with brake pads that last two seassons for under $20.00 per axle
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • 1600cc engine producing 80HP and 100lbs of torque
  • 32mm engine restrictor plate limits RPM's to 6000 thus increasing engine life to well over two racing seasons and eliminating the high cost of “Trick Heads, Manifolds, Etc”
  • No parts availability problems
  • 13” x 6” aluminum wheels with spec formula ford tires that will last all season and make the car look like a real race car.

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